Eyelash Lift

Keratin Lash Lift

Have you heard of the lash lift, the fun new little beauty miracle? A revolutionary system that lifts and curls natural lashes for up to 8-12 weeks, with optional add-on's that can thicken, strengthen, and darken them for you to 6 weeks! After treatment, many clients can’t believe how many natural eyelashes they actually have, but never noticed. This service is also called an eyelash perm. Your natural eyelashes will look longer and fuller, and your eyes will look more open. The results far surpass anything you can achieve with mascara and an eyelash curler at home. Our keratin lash lift lasts up to 8 weeks, thanks to a superior formulation that conditions and nourishes your lashes. This treatment is the perfect alternative for those who aren't up for the maintenance of extensions. Give an eyelash lift treatment a try… you’ll be a convert, too!

Lash Lift Pricing

24 Karat Bold Eyelash Lift
$ 79.00

Boost what you were born with. All lash lifts come with a complementary plump service. 24-Karat gold-infused solution adds nutrients to increase lash density up to 24% from the inside out. Keeps lashes healthy and full - and efforlessy bold! You’re going to love your new look!

24 Karat Bold Eyelash Lift & Tint/Glaze
$ 99.99

The Dynamic Duo for those who want to enhance and darken what their mamma gave them. Ultra nourishing keratin formula that helps condition and strengthen lashes, holds curled lashes in place and deposits a light color lamination.

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