Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Classic lash extensions (also known as 2d eyelash extensions) is our most popular service. We’ll discuss your dream eyelash length, curl and style, then adhere one single extension to each of your individual, isolated eyelashes. Often, our clients request sporadic 2d lashes across lashes include one new lash to each of your individual lashes. (2d is a type of volume application that includes two fanned mink eyelash extensions applied to one natural lash at a time.)

Your fabulous new eyelashes will be applied meticulously. Our professional aestheticians are skilled in the application of beautiful lashes perfect for everyday looks and special occasions. We work with the highest-quality products to achieve the best results.

2D Lashes Pricing

Full Set Classic Extensions
$ 199.00

If you like full, lush lashes, this set is for you. Your lash artist will fully customize lash length, style, and curl. This Classic, 2d Lashes Deluxe Set covers more than 90% of your natural lashes, giving you that flawless, stunning volume that fuels lash envy.

Add Ons *each
$ 10.00

Everyone loves the girl who’s up for fun! Bump your new look up a notch for your next party or celebration event. Add color, glitter or both.

Two Week Classic Extensions Touch-Up
$ 65.00

This maintenance service comes to the rescue when it’s time to replace half or more than half of your original set of 2d lashes.

Three Week Classic Extensions Touch-Up
$ 75.00

This service is perfect for busy ladies. A three week Classic touch-up gives your lash specialist a little extra time to replace up to 80% or your original set of 2d lashes.

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